Our Malt

Taking a seed from what appears to be a lifeless, hard, and bitter tasting kernel into a toasty, friable, and sweet treat is alchemy. Malting requires the discipline of a scientist, the back of a mule, the wonder of an artist, and the humor of a grumpy grandpa. As maltsters, we strive to best express the flavor and character that comes from each farm and each batch of grain.

Want to Brew with our malts?


Base Malts

2-Row American Pale_Web.jpg

2-Row Pale

  • SRM:
  • DP:
  • Protein:
  • Extract:
  • Flavor:
  • Aroma:

Clean, malty, with a touch of sweetness and a subtle New England Terrior not found in other Pale Ale Malts. 

2-Row American Pale_Web.jpg

2-Row Pilsner


Crisp, clean, and flavorful while being extremely light.  A must have for those German lagers, Farmhouse beers, and great for IPA's.


2-Row American Pale_Web.jpg

6-Row Pale


A beautiful 6-Row malt with a pleasant sweetness and that classic grainy / husky character though, more subtle than other examples.


2-Row American Pale_Web.jpg

6-Row Pilsner


A highly flavorful and diastatic malt. Great for distillers and beers wanting a light, rustic character.


Specialty Grains

Warthog Hard Red Wheat_Web.jpg

Warthog Wheat


A pronounced wheat character with a slight sweetness and some toasted notes. The flavor from this wheat variety stands out from the rest in tasting panels.   Use it to brew a classic, award winning Hefe or for just a little head retention.


Danko Rye


A rare Danish Rye that has all the flavor components of traditional Rye Malt only slightly subdued and balanced more to the bready then spicy side. It is a unique Malt that is a pleasure to brew with and can be used in typical rye recipes where a more subtle and nuanced character is desired. 




Corn never tasted so sweet, malty and toasty. Shut your eyes and think of the aroma of cornbread coming out of the oven. Can be used in place of flaked corn for light lagers or for a flavorful spirit. 


Misfit Roasted Grains


Roasted Barley

400-600 •SRM

Our darkest offering but not too dark more like light roasted coffee. Nutty and creamy, but still sharp enough. 

Roasted Oats


Bittersweet chocolate more cookie than brownie. 


Roasted Rye


Spicy yet chocolate/coffee taste, with a sweet toffee finish.


Misfit Roasted Malts


Chocolate Malt


Milk chocolate, smooth and buttery, definitely sweet 


Chocolate Rye Malt


Spicy, bittersweet, coffee like. Sweeter than the roasted rye. Toffee finish.


Chocolate Wheat Malt


Brownie like with nutty cocoa notes. Smooth and buttery finish. 


Biscuit Malt


Our lightest roast. Light cracker flavor with toasted sesame. Pleasantly sweet.


Amber Malt


Sweet and nutty/almond like, hint of tree fruit notes.


Amber Rye Malt


Bready, and slightly spicy. But still sweet and warming. Full aroma.


Smoked Misfit Malts

Cherrywood Smoked Malt_Web.jpg

Cherry Wood Smoked Malt


A smoked malt imparting more woody aroma and flavor than other smoked malts. Pleasant and vibrant without that“BBQ” aroma.