Radio & Video

‘Maltsters’ Bring Key Beer-Making Step To Mass.
Nancy Eve Cohen, WBUR, 11/11/13

Growing Beer: Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt
Erin Fairbanks, The Farm Report/Heritage Radio Network, 8/30/12

A Malthouse Comes to Western MA
Jill Kaufman, New England Public Radio, 1/19/11

A Local Grain Renaissance in the Northeast
Grow NYC, 2/1/13

Supporting Local Grain Farms
Peak Organic Brewing Company


What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong
Dan Barber, New York Times, 5/17/14

Malters Bring Terroir to the Beer Bottle
Peter Andrey Smith, New York Times, 6/12/12

Massachusetts Micro Malt
Lew Bryson, Massachusetts Beverage Business

Mass. Couple’s Experiment Brings Malting to the Local Level
Steve Damon, Lancaster Farming, 1/7/12

Making Malt Something Special
Aaron Kagan, Boston Globe, 8/17/11

New England’s Brewers Drive the Local Food Movement
Elizabeth Keyser, Yankee Brew News, Aug/Sep 2011

Craft beer industry follows lead of wine trails
By Karen Miltner, Democrat and Chronicle, 7/17/11

A Bit of R&D
Using Valley Malt in Dogfish Head’s Noble Rot.
Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head, 1/12/11

It's a Family Affair
This blog post on Throwback’s website is almost as good as my cousin’s beer. Throwback Brewery, 1/5/11


Other Newsworthy Items

We produced an Organic Grain Marketing Webinar: Organic Brewery and Distiller Opportunities  for NOFA-New York, 5/17/11

Valley Malt was asked to provide all the malts for brewers at Blue Hill Stone Barn’s 6th Annual Beer and Sausage Dinner, 1/30/11


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