Many years ago barley and other grains were grown on New England farms.

Every village had a malthouse. Today most grain is grown and traded on the world market, and only a handful of malthouses exist in the United States. In 2009, we began malting grains in our kitchen in Hadley, Massachusetts because we wanted to make truly local beers. The process was so fun we decided to bring the malthouse back.

We started Valley Malt in 2010, with the support of farmers and brewers in our area. For the first time in many decades, barley is being grown in organic fields, helping to build healthy soil. Valley Malt now offers base malts for local brewers and is bringing an innovative twist to many traditional malts. Being a micro-malthouse has its advantages. We can offer unique malts that are made from heirloom or gluten-free grains, smoked with native woods, and roasted fresh to order.




> Our malts are handled and hand crafted by people who care, from seed to bag.

> Every batch of our malt comes from a single origin, one farm, one field.

> We personally know every farmer that grows our grain.




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