National Organic Brewing Winner

I started home brewing in 2005 and have been brewing organic beers since 2007. I have been a Malt of the Month member since 2012. For the last seven years Seven Bridges Cooperative in California sponsored the National Organic Homebrew Challenge and this year I entered 3 beers and won 3 awards. I won first place for a Classic American Pilsner and a Kolsch and third place for a German Pilsner.

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Oat Pale Ale

By Nicholas Gagnon

I recently had a chance to hang out with the guys at Trillium Brewing Company while they were brewing up One Boston, a delicious, hoppy IPA with a good amount of Valley Malt crystal oats used in the recipe.  I felt inspired to do something similar and when the Munich Oats came out I had to give this a recipe a whirl.  Feel free to substitute hops for what you have available or prefer.    I wanted something citrus/mango/fruit/resiny....your taste may very.  You'll notice there is only a bittering addition to get up to around 55 IBU's (RAGER) during the boil.  I whirlpool for 15 minutes and then stand for 20 so the “steep” addition goes in at whirlpool and stays in the kettle at about 35 minutes near boiling (200F ish).  I get great oil, flavor and aroma from this method and the dry hop.

Oat PA

10-A American Pale Ale

Size: 5.5 gal

Efficiency: 70.0%

Attenuation: 80.0%

Original Gravity: 1.064 (

Terminal Gravity: 1.013 (

Color: 11.49

Alcohol: 6.68% (

Bitterness: 55.6


13 lb Valley Malt Pale

1.5 lb Oat Malt

0.79 oz Magnum (14.5%) - added first wort, boiled 60.0 m

1.5 oz Ahtanum (6.0%) - steeped after boil

1.5 oz Simcoe® (13.0%) - steeped after boil

1.5 oz Amarillo® (8.5%) - steeped after boil

1.5 oz Citra™ (12.0%) - steeped after boil

1.5 oz Citra™ (12.0%) - added dry to secondary fermenter

1.5 oz Amarillo® (8.5%) - added dry to secondary fermenter

1.5 oz Simcoe® (13.0%) - added dry to secondary fermenter

Mash Schedule:

Mash-In for a temp of 152F.  Rest one hour and Sparge.


Ferment with a clean Ale yeast like US-05, WLP001, WY1056 or alike.  For a different take a nice dry English strain like WLP007 might be good.