Beer has always told a story about who we are. Nomadic tribes came together to celebrate their harvest and community with beer and we are still doing the same today. When our malt is crushed it is continuing its journey from field to beer and creating new opportunities for brewers.  We offer a direct and transparent link to local farms and malt bags filled with distinct flavors and aromas. Mother Nature has fueled innovations, flavors and regional styles of beer for thousands of years. Valley Malt exists to provide this vital link.

Want to brew with our malts?



Wormtown Brewery
Worcester, MA
Wormtown also uses MA grown malt from Valley Malt in every batch of Wormtown beer.  A little piece of Mass in every glass! 

Jack’s Abby
Framingham, MA
Jack and his brothers started brewing about the same time we started Valley Malt. They make award winning lager that push the limits and make us want more. Jack uses our Spelt Malts in Hoponius Union and a portion of Barley and Wheat Malts in all of their beer. 

Brewmaster Jack
Holyoke, MA
Tyler comes to the malthouse in his pick-up truck to pick up our Munich malt for his Stray Dog Lager.

Trillium Brewing
Boston, MA
JC has been stalking Valley Malt since before we opened. With a penchant for all things local and unique he is mostly drawn to our heirloom grains such as Danko Rye, Bay Oats, and Warthog Wheat. If it is hard to find Trillium wants it. Watch out because soon a bottle of Trillum will be hard to find. 


Cambridge Brewing Co
Cambridge, MA
CBC uses a portion of Hadley grown malt in their Great Pumpkin Ale. Now available in 22 oz bottles.  They also use our organic Hard Red Winter Wheat for their Summer Hefe Weizen. The CBC team won a bronze in the 2014 World Beer Cup in the Specialty Beer category for Brett Grisette and La Saisonaire which features Valley Malt Buckwheat and Spelt malts.

Bolton Beer Works
Bolton, MA 
20% of the malts in each of Bolton's beers come from Valley Malt. With over 50 acres of farmland, and for over 35 years, these guys have always focused on producing locally-grown products.

Peak Organic
Portland, ME
Peak is a steadfast supporter of all things local. They use a percentage of our wheat and 2-row Pale mat in every batch of Peak beers. Organic. Local. Yummy.

Rising Tide
Portland, ME
Nathan uses our Rye Malt in Daymark. This Pale Ale shows off the texture and subtle flavor of rye and makes for an amazingly simple yet complex beer.

Throwback Brewery
North Hampton, NH
These lovely ladies (one who happens to be Andrea's cousin) use Valley Malt in every recipe.


Good Nature Brewing
Hamilton, NY
The Nor Easter is an Irish style Red Ale made by Matthew at Good Nature. Matt and Carrie use a percentage of barley in all of their beers from Omara Farms that we custom malt.


Dogfish Head
Rehoboth Beach, DE
One of our first customers, Sam is an avid supporter of the good life and good malt.  You can occasionally catch a beer with Valley Malt in an experimental beer at the brewpub.

Abandoned Building Brewery
Easthampton, MA
One of the great new breweries in Easthampton, MA. Matt is a creative brewer with a great instinct for using local grains. He also has a very impressive hop farm right down the street from the malthouse.



Stoneman Brewery
Colrain, MA
Justin and Katie started the first beer CSA in Massachusetts in 2014. Justin uses almost 100% local ingredients, including our malts. His creative beers and awesome labels are a local treasure.

Independent Fermentations
Plymouth, MA
Paul Nixon, Head Brewer, was a Malt-of-the-Month Member turned Nano-Brewer. He is making creative 2-barrel batch Belgian beers with at least 60% local malt and hops.

Navigation Brewing Company
Lowell, MA
Navigation Brewing Co bought a brewing system from Enlightenment Ales and is now brewing up a storm with Navigation Pale Ale and Navigation IPA, with over 90% local malt.

Arrowood Farms Brewery
Accord, NY
This is the kind of Farm Brewery you romanticize about. Ducks, hops, sheep and local organic beer. 


Ausable Brewing Company
Keeseville, NY
A New York State Farm Brewery run by borthers Dan and Dylan. They have an awesome brewery worth visiting. 

Battle Hill Brewing Co.
Ann, NY
Steeped in the rich history of Washington County, NY this Farm Brewery is doing something revolutionary-making local beers from local grains and hops.  

Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Pontico Hills, NY
Dan Barber and his team at Blue Hill have been creatively using local malts and grain for years. You may find our malt in a Rotation Risotto, Syrup or our malt rootlets used to cure meat or made for a nutricious broth as part of their WastED project. 

Brooklyn Brewery
New York, NY
Greenmarket Wheat is a Weisse made from New York grown Warthog Wheat, Organic 2-Row and hops. This is a collaboration with GrowNYC's beloved Greenmarket. 


Catskill Brewery
Livingston Manor, NY
A homegrown family affair, Caleb is dedicated to making sustainable and amazing farm to pint lagers and ales. This brewery, settled in the Catskills, is worth a visit.  

Cold Harbor Brewing Co.
Westborough, MA
Named after the nearby Cold Harbor Brook this brewery is located in scenic Westborough. Brandon partners with local farms to produce hand-crafted ales.

Craft Roots Brewing
Milford, MA
Maureen is making fine beers made exclusively from local malt and hops. Genuine. Local. Fresh. This describes her values that come thorugh in each bottle of beer she crafts.

Honest Weight Artisan Beer
Orange, MA
Sean and Jay have been making amazing award winnning beers for many years. The enchanting North Quabbin is now able to reap the benefits of having these brewers in the neighborhood. Using our specialty and roasted malts, you can taste the local love. 


Homefield Brewing
Sturbridge, MA
Jon Cook has been a regular at the malthouse since the begining. As the author of Beer Terrain, he understand the Farm to Pint movement and develops his recipes with local malt and hops in mind. 

Kent Falls Brewing
Kent, CT
Located on land that has been a homestead since the 17th Century, Barry and his team are working the land and making amazing farmhouse beers. 

Medusa Brewing Co.
Hudson, MA
Keith, Tom and Sully have been lovingly making ales and lagers at their beautiful brewery in Hudson, MA. 

Mystic Brewery
Chelsea, MA
Bryan highlights our wheat malt in many ways in Old Powderhouse Wheatwine, as a percentage in every Mystic beer and hase even cultured yeast from it for Vineland IV.


Sierra Nevada (NC)
Mills River, NC
We were so excited to have been able to malt our Danko Rye for Pat-Rye-Ot Pale Ale for the 2016 Beer Camp Series.  



Breuckelen Distilling
Brooklyn, NY
Our friend and organic farmer Thor grows all the grain and we malt it. This  Malted wheat and barley go into delicious single malt spirits.


Damnation Alley Distillery
Belmont, MA
The newest and most ambitious distillery in Boston. Damnation is using only MA grown ingredients.  


Wigle Distilling
Pittsburgh, PA
Organic and local is the mission of this distillery and their awesome brewer Dave Harries. Try the Malted Rye Whisky if you can get some.

Mad River Distillers
Warren, VT
This Vermont farm-distillery is using Chocolate Rye, Danko Rye, and occassionally some single-malt barley and smoked malt to create rustic and delicious farmhouse spirits.

Yankee Distillers
Clifton Park, NY
Walter and Matt make a great team for bringing forth the rich tradition of making sprits from New York State grains.

Tamworth Distilling
Tamworth, NH
The Art in the Ages Series focuses on local ingredients in these magnificent spirits.



 Homebrew Emporium
Cambridge, MA; Weymouth, MA; Rensselaer, NY
A great shop with very knowledgable staff. You can find our Organic 2-Row American Pale as well as our Organic NY Grown Warthog Hard Red WInter Wheat. A pick-up spot for MotM.