Grow Local

We work directly with farmers and pay no attention to commodity prices. These  relationships open us up to honest conversations about costs. 

With honesty, integrity and transparency, we are building a sustainable food system together.

This doesn't just think right, it tastes great. Grain grown in New England has flavors and freshness you cannot find in mass produced malt. 

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Choose Organic

The majority of the grain we malt is organic. Much of this malt will never make it’s way into a certified organic beer but that is OK.

We care about organic malt  because of our environment.

Diverse crops, animal grazing, and cover crops are part of a beautiful cycle of health and life in our soil. Our grains are not being sprayed with chemicals that can seep into our rivers.

Supporting organic farming is a major focus at Valley Malt, one backed by our customers and craft beer drinkers. 




Craft Tradition

Working with the grain, the maltster creates a careful balance of enzymes, starches and sugars to produce the perfect food for yeast. Raw grain alone could never feed the yeast that brewers use.

Though malting barley is a simple process, it has been not been done in New England for many generations. Most barley is grown and malted in the west. 

By diving into the craft of malting, we have inspired others to start malting too.

This  promotes local grain production in many regions, and supports diversity in the varieties of barley being grown.

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