Malted Milk Balls

When I first heard about Valley Malt, I was intrigued that they were doing something with local grains. Since I can’t drink anymore, I thought my interest would be limited. Soon as Andrea handed me a bag of malted barley, though, I was hooked.

Get Small Ya'll

When we started malting in 2010, there were 4 other malthouses that we knew of: Rebel MaltingColorado MaltingMichigan Malt and Malterie Frontenac. Knowing that these businesses existed made our dream to start a malthouse in New England seem possible.

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history." M.L.K

For anyone who has seen our website or asked us why we started a malthouse in Hadley, MA you know our story. We liked to homebrew and support local agriculture so we started a malthouse. That is the story, but is it the whole story?


Building Community Through Beer

Edgar is an enthusiastic young Orchardist whose chickens eat our leftover malt culm...

It Takes a Village to Raise a Pint

Last week Christian and I were both at the malthouse doing our morning chores...


National Organic Brewing Winner

I started home brewing in 2005 and have been brewing organic beers since 2007. I have been a Malt of the Month member since 2012. For the last seven years Seven Bridges Cooperative in California sponsored the National Organic Homebrew Challenge and this year I entered 3 beers and won 3 awards. I won first place for a Classic American Pilsner and a Kolsch and third place for a German Pilsner.

The leaves are starting to change, days are shorter, it is (finally) cooling off, apple picking has begun...

Valley Oktoberfest

Around this time of year Oktoberfest beers are everywhere...


It's time for a late summer/ early fall kind of beer and with Valley Malt's Rye on the way...

Rye is a fantastic, versatile grain that is often overlooked in the homebrewing world...

Smash It Up

I recently picked up my bag of Valley Malt 2-row and decided a nice SMASH (Single Malt and Single Hop) Pale Ale was just the thing to lead off with and to really get a feel for the malt and the wort it will produce...