Truly Local Homebrew

Do you brew your own beer? You have nothing to lose, everything to grain, with Malt of the Month. 

Well, barley nothing to lose...you malt lose your taste for mass-produced malt in your beer when you Get Your Grain On, baby! 

In it's 5th year, the MotM is part of our Brewer Supported Agriculture (BSA) project. You will not only be dazzled by the unique and heirloom grains and artisanal malts that you cannot order from a catalog, but you will also be supporting local farms and your local malthouse. 

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Pick-up Options


  • 100 shares available for $200 each
  • Includes 30 lbs of specialty malts and 100 lbs of Organic Pale and/or Pilsner Malt


June 2017: 50lb base + 15lb specialties
December 2017: 50lbs base + 15lb specialties

There is an additional $30 shipping charge for all MotM Shares that are not picked up at the malthouse. 

You may ask yourself...

How will I know what specialty malts will be offered?

You can safely bet that you will get: wheat, rye, smoked malt and heirloom grains. We are always doing research and development to perfect our specialty malts and push the boundaries of what malts can be. You may find that the wheat malt share is from an heirloom wheat variety, the crystal malt share is crystal wheat or that the smoked malt is smoked with local walnut or cherry wood. You may also find a small bag of bonus malt in some of your share.  These would be some of our more off the wall malts that are in R & D such as: chamomile crystal or apple wood smoked crystal spelt.  

When do I pick up my grains?

June, September, January and March. You will get an email at least a week beforehand letting you know what the specialty malt will be and when it will be delivered.  It is important that you pick-up your malt within 1 week at participating homebrew shops. Malthouse pick-up is much more laid back. There is a bin at the malthouse where the malts are stored until you come and get them.

Who are the farmers?

We have about 10 farmers including us that are growing organic certified malting barley this year.  Many of us are also growing other cereal grains such as wheat, rye, spelt, emmer, and triticale.  We will highlight the farms that your malt came from and provide information about the varieties with each share.

Previous MotM Specialties:

Danko Heirloom Polish Rye - Roasted Oats - Naturally Acidulated Brumalt- Munich  -  Warthog Hard Red Wheat Malt - Chocolate Rye-Amber Rye - Vienna - Red Fife Heirloom Wheat - Cherrywood Smoked - Roasted Barley

Have other questions? Feel free to contact us.