Farmer Brewer Winter Weekend 2016

  • Hartwick College Oneonta, NY

A Maltster in The Rye

Farmers, Maltsters, & Brewers Holden it Down in Upstate NY
January 16-17, 2016, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

    Farmer Brewer is an immersive experience for established and aspiring farmers, brewers, and maltsters to glean crucial lessons from industry experts as well as each other. We also make plenty of time to socialize and enjoy locally grown food and beer, of course! 

    Weekend program includes:

    • Rye Malting & Flavor Research
    • The Agronomics of Rye for Malting
    • Malting, Brewing & Grain Farming 101’s
    • Malting Start-up & Equipment
    • Managing DON from field to glass
    • Developing a Malthouse QC Program
    • Malt Flavor - training your palate

    Presentations by...

    • Paul Schwarz, NDSU Malting Science
    • Lindsay Guerdrum, Sensory Specialist, New Belgium
    • Aaron Macleod, Hartwick College, Malt Lab
    • Dustin Herb, Crop Science, OSU
    • Ben Roesch, Wormtown Brewery
    • Gary Bergstrom, Cornell University
    • Andrea & Christian Stanley, Valley Malt

    $450 includes meals & beer.
    Space limited to 100 participants.