Oechsner Farms & Farmer Ground Flour

Oechsner Farms & Farmer Ground Flour
Newfield, NY

Spend 5 minutes with Thor Oechsner and I bet  a bag of malt you will want to be an organic grain farmer. 

When he was a kid Thor loved visiting his uncle’s dairy farm. By the time he was a teenager, he convinced his parents to let him tear up their suburban yard—to plant corn.

Thor now farms almost 1000 acres of all kinds of grains from emmer to oats.  

At first, his grains went for animal feed. Watching land get snapped up for housing, he realized he needed to make more money on his rented acres. Thor thought first of flour because his German grandfather was a pastry chef.

In 2009, he started a mill, Farmer Ground Flour. Two years later he helped start Wide Awake Bakery, a Community Supported Bakery that uses his wheat. This farmer-miller-baker partnership is a great model of how small scale production builds businesses and relationships.

We met Thor in 2011 at the NOFA-NY conference, and began hounding him to sell us some of his 9% protein Warthog wheat. The stalking got so serious that Thor knighted Andrea Stalker Babe.

Earning this title was energy well spent. We love Thor's Warthog wheat, and so do our customers.