Rob Cormer

On March 25th we received an email from Rob, “Good Afternoon, I am a small part time farmer and have been starting to grow small grains in my crop rotations. This past season I successfully grew winter wheat that we harvested and resold for seed. I am planning on growing malting barley this year, but am looking for a market before I do so. It would be great to talk to you and possibly work together supplying local markets with local ingredients.”

This is the kind of email we love. Rob is young, smart, and interested in becoming a full time farmer. He works for his family's construction business  and is not shy when it comes to working hard and getting a job done the right way. Within 2 weeks, Rob visited Valley Malt and left with a ton of Conlon seed. We agreed to supply the seed, share the risk, and stay in touch. We also emailed Kent Falls Brewing to let them know that Rob was in their hood and we may finally have some premium CT grown malt for their farmhouse ales. Everyone was eager to see what the season would hold. The Conlon was harvested and Rob had a good crop to sell. He also grew Organic Rye, which was delivered just a few weeks after the barley. After a successful first, year Rob has planted Winter Wheat, Rye and Barley for 2017.