Mosher Farm

Mosher Farm / Bouckville, NY

We met Corey through one of our growers Scott Omara, who we had been working with since 2012. Corey, his uncle Terry, and many other members of their family run Mosher Farm in Bouckville, NY. They are an example of a successful diversified farm growing berries, vegetables, hops and grains. About 2 and a half hours away from Valley Malt, their farm’s landscape is vast and they work their farmland in a sustainable system, many times partnering with other growers to rotate land and market their crops. Scott and Corey have worked together and both are succeeding in growing winter malting barley in NY.  We can sleep at night knowing that we have Mosher Farms behind the wheel, they care about quality, variety, and long-term success for both their farm and family and ours.