It's time for a late summer/ early fall kind of beer and with Valley Malt's Rye on the way, what better could be better then an easy drinking but fortifying beer that showcases the flavor of rye?


Roggenbiers are an Old Skool German Style of beer, most similar to a modern Heffeweizen but with a refreshing tartness and spicy flavor due to the Rye. (learn more by clicking the title link above) I personally like to brew a little out of style(BJCP) with this beer as I find that a little more hop aroma and flavor can go a long way into making this beer truly quaff-able.

There are a few things to keep in mind when brewing a Roggenbier.  Rye is a huskless grain and will be composing about ½ your grain bill or more (if you would like).  Because of this a protein rest is needed  (I like to rest for about 15 min) and rice hulls are recommended (a couple handfulls) to help mitigate the headaches of a stuck or slow sparge.  Rye also tends to lend a greater perceived dryness and tartness to beers especially at these rates so if you change the hops or malt bill remember that you want to keep the IBU's to a minimum and leave some body in the beer.

For hops I prefer staying in style and using Noble hop varieties with Roggenbiers. However, Rye plays well with many hop varieties, so experiment away.  I chose to go with Saphir for all my hop additions on this beer as I think it is an ideal hop for a Roggenbier and it is a personal favorite of mine.

You want to go with a Hefe yeast on this one as they really accentuate the flavors of the Rye while providing aroma and flavor complexities.  I really like Wyeast 3333 for Roggenbiers and Wyeast 3056.  3068 is ok but can trow off a lot of Banana at higher temps.  You can also use the WLP equivalents.  I prefer to ferment this style on the cooler side (66 – 69*F) as I want  to accentuate the clove and get as little Banana as possible.  But again feel free to experiment!!

Look for more recipes this month including a Harvest Ale, and a possibly a Pumpkin Ale recipe!!!

Valley Malt Roggenbier!

Batch Size:  5 Gallons

Boil Length: 1

Target OG:  1.051

Target FG:  1.013

Target Bitterness:  14.8 IBU

Target Color:  16-18 SRM

Alcohol:  5 % ABV

Primary Fermentation: 12 days

Bottled Conditioning: 3 weeks


Efficiency calculated at 70%.


5 lbs Valley Rye

3.5 lbs Valley Pils (or Pale) Malt

1.5 lbs Valley Munich (or eq)

12.0 oz Valley Malt Dark Crystal (or eq)

1.25 oz Saphir hops

Yeast:  S-05 or Wyeast 1056 or WLP001


Type:  Step

Step 1: Protein Rest

Thickness:  1 quarts / lb

Target Temperature:   122*F

Mash Time:  15 min

Step 2:  Saccrification Rest

Thickness:  1.5 quarts / lb

Target Temperature: 154*F

Mash Time:  60 min


-Start 60 minute boil

@ 60min remaining add .4 oz Saphir

@ 15 min remaining add .5 oz Saphir

@ 2 min remaining add .33 oz Saphir

Chill wort.


Ferment with a German Wheat strain at lower temperatures (66 - 69*F)