National Organic Brewing Winner

By Bernie Ducat II

I started home brewing in 2005 and have been brewing organic beers since 2007. I have been a Malt of the Month member since 2012. For the last seven years Seven Bridges Cooperative in California sponsored the National Organic Homebrew Challenge and this year I entered 3 beers and won 3 awards. I won first place for a Classic American Pilsner and a Kolsch and third place for a German Pilsner.

Classic American Pilsners can have either corn or rice as an adjunct. I decided to go with the rice syrup as I don’t care for the flavor corn imparts in a pilsner. This is my winning recipe for a Classic American Pilsner using organic rice syrup solids. I used organic pale malt and pilsner malt from the Valley Malt, Malt of the Month club.  

Classic American Pilsner                                                        

5 gallons all grain

5 lbs Organic Valley Malt Pale Malt

2 lbs Organic Valley Malt Pilsner Malt

8 oz Organic Cara-Pils Malt

2 lbs Organic Rice Syrup Extract

24g Organic Saaz 8.3% 60min

14g Organic Saaz 8.3% 15min

5g Organic Spalt Select 5.5% 15min

7g Organic Saaz 8.3% 0min

2 pkgs SafLager S-23 Yeast

107g Organic Corn Sugar for priming

Mash 148 for 75 minutes

Boil 75 minutes

Ferment between 50-55F for 3-4 weeks then lager around 35F for 4 weeks then bottle or keg.